High quality, unique and exclusive sofas and textile beds

made only with natural and recyclable raw materials, handcrafted in the company.


Our Voghera showroom is an official Twils dealer, an Italian brand specialized in the production of beds, bed linen and accessories.

The company was founded in the 1980s in the province of Treviso where a visionary father founded a company of excellence calling it with the initials of the names of the children. Twils creates high quality, unique and exclusive textiles based on the concept of a short supply chain, using only natural and recyclable Made in Italy raw materials, handcrafted in the company.

Excellence upholstered bed

Thanks to the 400 fabrics and 300 possible configurations, Twils creates products that are different and unique every time. Each piece is tailored for the customer by combining mechanized production phases with phases handled manually by the artisans who carefully finish the various products. Twils responds to contemporary needs by offering upholstered beds ranging from classic to modern style in order to satisfy any type of clientele. The protagonists of each model are the fine fabrics and craftsmanship which elevate Twils beds to excellence.

Among all the models stands out the Logan, an elegant bed characterized by a thin base that in contrast to the soft cushions of the headboard. The De-Light bed stands out for the generous shapes of the headboard that goes beyond or edges of the bed frame to give a greater sense of comfort and warmth. The particularity of the visible stitching enhances its character and makes this bed the true protagonist of the bedroom. With the Boiserie Set Slim bed, Twils combines the concept of an upholstered headboard with that of an equipped wall, creating modular panels that can be combined and equipped as desired.

Twils sofas

In the catalogue we also find a series of products dedicated to the living area, including armchairs and Twils sofas. All the products are characterized by the use of refined fabrics and tailored details. The modern and rigorous Wing sofa is transformed into a relaxed and informal sofa thanks to a mechanism for adjusting the backrests and armrests. For those who want a more “free” sofa, Twils offers Avenue that is ideal for domestic, public and contract contexts. This sofa is made up of modules that can be freely composed and disassembled thanks to the presence of movable backrests.

For more information on Twils beds and sofas, we are waiting for you in our Twils authorized dealer showroom in Voghera, near Pavia and Milan, where our team of designers will show you all the products of the brand to choose the one that best suits you.

Sleep in Luxury with Twils

If you are looking for a bed or sofa that is more than just furniture in our shop you can find excellence. With natural and recyclable raw materials, handcrafted, each piece is a work of art that combines quality and sustainability. Twils upholstered beds and sofas offer hundreds of configurations to suit your style, from classic to modern.
Visit our online shop and transform your space with the elegance and comfort of Twils. Melchionni Interni is your authorized dealer in Voghera, near Pavia and Milan.