Experience and innovation come together in Tumidei, bringing over sixty years of excellence in home furnishings, with cutting-edge solutions for wardrobes and bedroom systems


Founded in 1958 in Predappio di Romagna, Tumidei has solidified its presence in the furniture industry for over sixty years. This period coincides with an era of profound transformations in the conception of home and the lifestyle of families worldwide.

Throughout these decades, the company has maintained a constant commitment to researching increasingly sophisticated furnishing solutions that align with consumer needs, a key factor contributing to its success and stable growth over time.

Tumidei now stands as a modern and innovative company that offers endless furnishing solutions for bedrooms, walk-in closets, children’s rooms – including convertible beds – as well as living areas.

Melchionni Interni – located just a few steps from Pavia and Milan – is an official Tumidei retailer, and together with our team of designers, we can study and design the best solution for your needs, leveraging sophisticated 3D drawing systems that provide a faithful preview of your furnished room.

Transform Your Spaces with Tumidei

Tumidei is the go-to brand for cutting-edge furniture solutions. From convertible beds and walk-in closets to bedrooms and modular systems, Tumidei offers endless possibilities for customizing your home, and we bring them directly to you. Come see our design experts who will guide you in configuring a space made just for you.