Furniture and accessories designed to meet daily needs.

Curved lines, different materials and a dynamic style for captivating and never boring products.


Mogg is a young company founded by the architect Nicola Galbiati and has the goal of pursuing an idea of ​​democratic design in which furniture and accessories are designed to meet everyone’s daily needs. Curved lines, different materials and dynamic style make Mogg products captivating and never boring and it is their originality that makes them unique and iconic.

To touch Mogg furniture and accessories with your hand, we invite you to our showroom near Pavia and Milan where you will find Mogg furniture with a minimal, natural style and made with high quality materials.

Mogg is the fusion of two words: Furniture and Objects. Mogg has very specific identity in which aesthetics and functionality merge in recognizable pieces that is ideal for modern contexts and for classics in which architecture and interior design meet in an innovative dimension.

Mogg Furniture in Pavia

Among Mogg’s best sellers we remember the Closer armchair, that is characterized by a soft and voluminous cushion resting on a slender metal structure, the Metrica bookcase in which the metal structure is composed of vertical bars fixed at irregular intervals and in which the objects placed in it give life to the composition, and finally the Notes cabinet in which doors and sides can be customized and changed at any time as they are covered with interchangeable sheets of paper designed for writing down messages, lists and recipes.

Melchionni is a Mogg dealer in Voghera, in the province of Pavia and a few kilometres from Milan. Get involved in the innovation and creativity of this brand and furnish your home with objects halfway between art and design.

Let's Bring Mogg to Your Home

Melchionni brings you Mogg’s creations, where curved lines and diverse materials meet dynamic, eye-catching design. With pieces that combine art and functionality, your space will become a creative canvas to be experienced.
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