A catalogue of furniture with a modern neo-classical style, different elements designed for those who want a contemporary style but do not want to give up the suggestions of tradition.


Maxalto started in 1975 by the fusion between industry and craftesmanship. This brand, as the name suggests, aims at being a design of excellence, combining modernity and tradition. The collections are characterized by timeless elegance. The quality of the workmanship, the search for details and the preciousness of materials distinguish the whole production, coordinated by Antonio Citterio.

Maxalto luxury furniture in Voghera

Antonio, in collaboration with architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa, designs unique furnishing elements. The concept of home evolves and becomes the new center of social interaction where it is possible to rediscover the dimension of play, entertainment and conversation.
Maxalto offers a range of furnishings for the living area and the sleeping area, such as tables, sofas, furniture, beds and accessories. Collections made up of different but coherent and coordinated elements, designed for those who want a contemporary style but do not want to give up the refined suggestions of tradition.

The care with which the raw material is selected, wood, is cared for piece by piece and skilfully finished through careful manual work. The desire is to create a modern style environment in which it combines with the search for iconic objects. The Maxalto style combines the geometric simplification of shapes with a very refined quality of construction using only artisan techniques.

Among Maxalto’s most distinctive products, the sofas are characterized by their quality and their elegance, an expression of luxury and rigor, balance and versatility. The aristocratic image is completed with material textures that evoke the classic charm of coordinated items such as velvet, chenille and linen. Choosing a Maxalto sofa means experiencing a sophisticated lifestyle, ideal for those seeking luxury, quality materials and sensoriality.

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Maxalto's Neo-Classical Elegance Straight from Our Online Shop

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Each piece is made with fine materials and high quality workmanship, designed for those who want a contemporary style without sacrificing the suggestions of tradition.
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