Products that are able to reproduce natural light through carefully studied shapes and designs.

Lamps and chandeliers with a pleasant and decorative design.


Louis Poulsen is a company founded in Copenhagen in 1874 that creates Scandinavian-inspired design lighting. The intent of the brand has always been to create products capable of reflecting and reproducing natural light through studied shapes and designs. In our shop near Pavia and Milan you will find Louis Poulsen lamps and together with our experts you will be able to choose the most suitable solution to illuminate and decorate your home.

The Danish brand begins to establish itself on the international scene thanks to the collaboration with important designers such as Verner Panton and Poul Henningsen who have embraced the brand’s mission to create functional and comfortable design lamps that are able to create an atmosphere with a positive influence on spaces and people.

With his lamps and chandeliers, Louis Poulsen’s goal is to give shape to light; each product is not created starting from the shape, but starting from the light it emanates, so it is the quality of the light that determines the choice of each shape, material and surface. The designers also pay attention to the aesthetic and functional aspects which is why every Louis Poulsen lamp, chandelier, floor lamp and table lamp is created to be pleasant and decorative even if it is off.

Louis Poulsen Designer Lamps

The lamp that marked the success of the brand was the PH lamp, created by the architect Poul Henningsen to illuminate the Forum Building in Copenhagen in 1924. The lamp is characterized by the combination of different lampshades able to spread the light without dazzling. Over the decades, PH becomes a real series made up of different models based on the same concept.

Another successful collection is the series of AJ lamps designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. In this collection you can find Table lamp, Floor lamp, Wall lamp that are all characterized by the light beam facing downwards and the die-cast zinc structure that is available in multiple colors.

The bold, sculptural design of Flindt wall light suits both indoor and outdoor spaces. This project was designed by Christian Flindt and it is characterized by an oval and floating shape where a thin and luminous ring of reflected light is created.

Melchionni Interni is a Louis Poulsen dealer. In our showroom in Voghera, near Pavia and Milan, you will find various proposals of the brand and you can choose with the support of our experts the solution that best suits your space and your taste.

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