Forefather of modern design, for over 80 years it has promoted design excellence to create inspiring and lasting environments


Since 1938, Knoll has been consistently committed to promoting modern design in order to create environments capable of inspiring, evolving, and enduring over time. This commitment is clearly reflected in its collections, which include chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, residential furnishings, and office furniture.

Knoll pays particular attention to sustainable design, offering a wide portfolio of products that includes iconic pieces such as the Knoll Barcelona chair, the original Tulip and Cesca chairs, the Saarinen table, and other cutting-edge solutions.

Even today, after over 80 years, Knoll remains steadfast in its commitment to the Bauhaus design vision, which advocates for modern furniture to harmonize with architectural space rather than compete with it. This philosophy was fully embraced by the founders, Hans and Florence Knoll. It was Florence Knoll who conceived the idea of the modern office, revolutionizing the industry and paving the way for the profession of interior designer.

Today, the Knoll brand is a true beacon in the world of design, with a wide range of products, collaborators, and supporters in over 50 countries through its official retailers.

Within the Melchionni Interni showroom in Voghera, not far from Pavia and Milan, you can find a selection of Knoll products that will introduce you to the world of modern design.

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From classics like the Barcelona armchair to the iconic Tulip and Cesca chairs, each product is a work of art. Visit our online shop to explore Knoll’s collection. Here you’ll find the perfect balance of functionality and style, the result of the Bauhaus philosophy of harmonizing furniture and architecture. Discover the world of Knoll in our online shop and transform your spaces with elegance and innovation!