Furniture in which glass has always been the main protagonist and it is combined in a unique way with other materials such as wood and metal.

Products with elegant shapes and avant-garde design.


The first Italian company that since the 1950s began experimenting and promoting, in the furniture sector, an extraordinary material: crystal. Material that has always been the protagonist of the Gallotti & Radice collections, combined uniquely with other materials such as wood and metal and used in its purity. In our showroom in the heart of Voghera, in the province of Pavia, find the most iconic pieces and choose the one that suits you best together with our experts.

Gallotti & Radice design furniture

The cutting-edge design, the elegant shapes, and above all the special attention to the quality and safety of the products, led the company to excell both on national and international markets, with a production aimed at a demanding and prestigious audience. Initially it specialized in the production of hand made lamps, decorative items and mirrors. Subsequently, Gallotti & Radice’s wishes evolved and the need arose to expand the offer with proposals for furnishing different areas of the house such as tables, chairs, desks, sideboards.

The company grows but the link with tradition remains, the processes are taken care of by craftsmen who know the raw material and keep the secrets of Italian craftsmanship from generation to generation. Glass and crystal remain the cornerstones of the Gallotti and Radice collections which manage to be declined in original and elegant ways to give life to pieces with a unique design. The collaboration with world-famous designers including Monica Armani, Pinuccio Borgonovo, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Carlo Colombo and Massimo Castagna contributes to the affirmation of the brand.

Among the most popular products in our shop in Voghera stands out the Bolle collection of lamps and chandeliers designed by Massimo Castagna for Gallotti & Radice. The spheres that characterize this model are made of mouth-blown transparencies crystal and hand-burnished brass, elements that make each piece unique and exclusive.

Office furniture in Pavia and Milan

Particular attention is paid to the Office collection, made up of desks, office chairs, meeting tables and solutions for furnishing work spaces in a dynamic and flexible way. The Gallotti & Radice Air series designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo consists of crystal desks and office furniture characterized by the elegant and timeless balance between glass and wood. To find out more details and personalized quotes on Gallotti & Radice Office Furniture, in our showroom near Pavia and Milan you will find experts able to respond to all your requests.

Gallotti & Radice offers refined home and office furnishings with a strong identity thanks to the continuous experimentation of new materials and manufacturing techniques. Melchionni is Gallotti & Radice’s authorized dealer in Voghera, easily reachable from Pavia and Milan.

Glass as Art, Design as Style

If you are looking for furniture that fuses elegance and innovation, Gallotti & Radice is your one-stop shop.
Visit our online shop and discover a collection that ranges from lamps and tables to desks and office accessories. Here you’ll find the perfect mix of sophistication and functionality. Discover today what makes Gallotti & Radice a design icon!