Creations with a modern and eclectic design.

High quality armchairs, sofas and furniture where you can find extreme attention to detail and a handcrafted touch.


n our showroom in Voghera (PV) you can find and buy Baxter products that is an Italian brand specialized in the use of leather and cuoio in the world of furniture.

In the heart of Brianza, armchairs, sofas and furniture of excellent quality are created and it is possible to perceive all the care and craftsmanship that is typical of Made in Italy products. In our showroom near Milan and Pavia you can choose your favorite Baxter products and with the help of our designers you can study a unique and high-class interior design project.

The leather comes from northern Europe to be worked by master tanners who still follow the ancient traditions in order to mantain all the unique and precious characteristics of the leather. Armchairs, chairs and sofas are dressed in soft, comfortable and classy clothes, capable of giving emotions and unique sensory experience.

Unpublished materials and exclusive processes are what distinguish Baxter products from the rest of the market. The collections consist of furniture with a sparkling, elegant and sensual design, designed for those who want to add something bold and unique to their space, and it has to be considered as a real form of art. Baxter furnishings can be customized according to the space and here the support of Melchionni Interni professionals comes into play, they will be able to study and propose tailor-made projects for you and your needs.

Baxter sofas in Milan and Pavia

In Baxter sofas we can find influences from the world of fashion and art. Creations with a modern and eclectic design in which tradition and avant-garde merge.
The Baxter sofas you will find in our Voghera showroom respond to a wide range of tastes and needs thanks to the wide range of models and finishes available. The Budapest sofa is one of the models that best represents Baxter’s sartorial ability: essential lines, enveloping seats upholstered in a soft hand-crafted leather. One of the most unique and iconic sofas of the brand is definitely Tactile that is characterized by a structure with quilted bands that have opposite directions in the backrest and seat.
For those who want a flexible and creative sofa, Piaf is a modern Baxter product that can be inserted in any space thanks to its curved shape.

Baxter Tables and Seats in Voghera

In addition to leather, Baxter also pays the utmost attention to the selection of other materials such as stone, marble and wood, useful for the creation of tables and accessories of excellent quality. The Romeo Baxter table is a much-appreciated piece of the collection that stands out for its crossed metal base and an important stone top with rounded corners. Another Baxter table in the collection is Lagos, exclusive and sophisticated thanks to its base made up of 3 antique brass cylinders.
In combination with the tables, the Baxter leather chairs represent an exclusive addition to your furniture capable of giving comfort and style. Among the most interesting Baxter chairs we remember Colette that is soft and comfortable, Zefir characterized by its modern and refined style and finally T Chair a welcoming and well-finished product.

Melchionni Interni is a Baxter dealer in Voghera, near Pavia and Milan. Come to the showroom to discover the brand’s catalog and to be followed by our designers in choosing the most suitable pieces to furnish your home.

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