Kitchens that stand out for the exclusivity of the workmanship and the uniqueness of the product, an ever-present creativity to create a place where cooking is a pleasure.


Company founded in 1925 as artisan carpentry, in 1960 it was named Arclinea. The Kitchen has always been the protagonist of the entire production and it is considered completely customizable environment, characterized by innovative technologies and contemporary creativity over time,a place to cook with real pleasure. Following these principles the company interprets and often anticipates the changes and evolutions of society.

The Company constantly pursues excellence: a quality that is difficult to achieve without passion and pleasure of “know how” and “wanting to be” transforming processes into products. In 1986 the authentic inspiration of a designer of the caliber of Antonio Citterio, coupled with the specific knowledge of the materials and processes of the company, allows the birth of revolutionary products of the highest quality.

Design kitchens

The Arclinea kitchens are distinguished by the exclusivity of the workmanship and the uniqueness of the product, the result of an artisanship experience, followed by a constant technological research; the manual activity alternates, in fact, during the various phases, to automatic processing.

The entire range of furnishings is like an abacus of transversal elements, bound by a wire. Each new product integrates and enriches the previous one, because it fits into new contexts and matches different usage criteria and new applications.

Among the most popular kitchens of the famous brand we have Artusi, designed by Antonio Citterio, who wanted to create a rational, concrete and extremely functional kitchen. Laminate and wood are combined with steel, creating easily customizable and professional spaces.
The Artusi stove is available as an island or wall-mounted and can house all the doors in the Arclinea collection, making the kitchen harmonious with any domestic décor.

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