State-of-the-art mattresses, high-quality beds and linens for the sleeping area: all the essential for ensuring general well-being during moments of rest.


In our showroom in Voghera you can touch Altrenotti mattresses and beds, an Italian excellence that furnishes luxury homes and the best hotels in the world.

Altrenotti has been producing high quality mattresses, beds and bed linens for the sleeping area in Turin since 1930. Initially, everything was handmade by artisans who carded wool and horsehair, then with the advent of technologies, the production method has evolved and with it also the company that today supplies exclusive hotels and homes all over the world. The ancient family tradition is now carried on by a large team of professionals and artisans who have been able to find the perfect combination of tradition, innovation and internationalization.

Research and development sections are very important in Altrenotti which is always looking for the best solutions to create mattresses suitable to guarantee the best possible rest. Excellence for the company also includes the use of environmentally friendly production systems and the choice of high-quality raw materials.

Altrenotti mattresses are the result of all the experience accumulated by the company and the use of cutting-edge production processes that allow the creation of exclusive mattresses, capable of responding to different needs. The raw materials are carefully selected to create a resistant, comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic structure.

In addition to mattresses, Altrenotti offers also beds and bed linen to contribute to general well-being during moments of rest. In the catalogue you can find classic and modern style beds, customizable according to everyone’s needs. For the bed linen are preferred natural fabrics such as linen and cotton that can be adapted to suit your taste thanks to the wide palette of colors and textures.

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For more information and to discover Altrenotti products, we look forward to seeing you at our showroom in Melchionni in the province of Pavia, just a few kilometers from Pavia and Milan.

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