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Gervasoni Ghost 10G

Brand: Gervasoni

Model: Ghost 10G

Category: Sofas and Armchairs

Dimensions: W 200 cm x D 85 cm x H 80 cm

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€ 3.586,00


The Ghost sofa by Gervasoni proposed is part of a family of sofas with a minimal style, made from a thin structure padded with polyurethane foam.

The main feature of the Ghost sofas is the removable cover, whose profile is emphasized by the stitching in contrast or in the same color as the main fabric. Thanks to the removable cover feature, the sofa easily changes face, allowing you to easily switch from a formal to an informal look.

The proposed Ghost sofa is covered in lime-colored Linum fabric, with matching stitching and it includes soft loose cushions in mixed down.