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Flos Arco

Brand: Flos

Model: Arco

Category: Furnishing

Dimensions: W 220 cm x D 220 cm x H 240 cm

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€ 2.600,00


Arco lamp has always been one of the best known, innovative and representative pieces of Italian design. Arco was designed by Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni and it has been produced by Flos since 1962.

Arco was born from the idea of ​​lighting an area of ​​a room from above, without constraints given by the anchoring point to the ceiling (traditionally in the center) and with the possibility of moving the lamp freely.

The base of the lamp is made up of a parallelepiped of white marble with rounded corners, while the stem is made up of three sectors in stainless steel section with U-section capable of allowing, by sliding one inside the other, the advancement telescopic and the hidden passage of the wires. This gives the arch more widths, with the positioning of the reflector at three different heights.

The dome is made up of two pieces: one fixed in the shape of a perforated cap to facilitate the cooling of the lamp holder, the other a mobile aluminum ring, resting on the first, so that it can be ground in position, depending on the height of the lamp. third sector of the arch.