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Cassina Antella

Brand: Cassina

Model: Antella

Category: Furnishing

Dimensions: W 169 cm x D 122 cm x H 72 cm

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€ 3.636,00


Antella console is produced by Cassina and it is a project by the Japanese architect Kazuhide Takahama who conceives it as a multifunctional piece of furniture: in fact, based on specific needs, Antella can become a wall console, but also a modern oval table. Precisely this versatility gives Antella an iconic and versatile character.

The structure of the product is made of lacquered polyester that recalls the ancient tradition of lacquering appreciated by Takahama and often used within the Simon collection since the late 1960s.

The proposed version of the console is in glossy petroleum lacquered polyester.

Finishes and colors