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the point of reference for the Made in Italy wood furniture sector

Riva 1920 dealer

The name of this company contains its foundation year: it is in 1920 when Riva was born as a small family business to become the point of reference for the Made in Italy wood furniture sector. Its story tells of uninterrupted dialogue between aesthetics and ethics, a firm with roots and a great artisanship, combining innovation and design with respect for the environment.

The undisputed protagonist of the entire production is wood. The products arise from processing techniques related to the ebony tradition, thanks to the skilled hands of artisans and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The artisanship is very important because it guarantees a high level of flexibility and personalization, resulting in the creation of furniture that can be defined as real artwork.

Working with leading architects and artisans, Riva1920 stands out for the production of high quality furnishings: cabinets, kitchens, stools, tables, sofas, and beds that challenge the pasing of time, respecting the ecology and for which the company experiments the use atypical wooden materials.

Some products are made of innovative essences such as cedar, Briccole di Venezia and Kauri wood, considered to be the rarest wood in the world because it is present only in a restricted area of New Zealand, and because, despite its millennial stay below mud, once extracted, is not deteriorated and therefore easily transformable as a freshly cut wood.

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