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systems for space partitioning and the architectural definition of interiors

Rimadesio dealer

Founded in 1956, the company was initially named Rima Vetraria in Brianza; in the early years, it's activity focused on the processing of glass panes to be used by furnishing companies.

Today Rimadesio produces systems for space partitioning and the architectural definition of interiors. Doors, sliding doors, libraries and modular systems for the living area, wardrobe cabinets and a collection of complementary items: an ever-expanding offering and constant stylistic evolution.

Complexity, simplicity and extraordinary technical competence characterize the Rimadesio projects, designed to provide superior performance and at the same time remain close to daily manual work, to a natural usage that is well matched with the concept of contemporary living typical of the Company.

The constant evolution of its own design culture and production technology guarantees the realization of high quality and functionally innovative proposals. For many of the items in the collection, such as sliding doors Siparium, Graphis and Velaria, the realization is only custom made. Dimensional versatility combined with a wide variety of aesthetics maximizes the customization of each design.

Last but not least, the attention to the environment around us: a sensitive aspect to the Company; the raw materials of the collection, glass and aluminum, represent an ecologically sustainable choice.

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